Tattoo Removal Ireland

Tattoo Removal Ireland

The process of having your Tattoo's removed by a Laser Clinic need not be a rather daunting experience. Lasers used properly do not, and should never cause pain. But, do not confuse heat with pain! .

Hopefully, you will find this a very informative and interesting page written solely as a guideline. It may help you avoid the injuries and scars both mentally and physically that we find are quite often left following bad decisions.

Best Tattoo Removal

Considering having that regrettable imprint removed from your skin using Laser?

Perhaps it was a Teenage decision to get inked and be seen as a member of the "Cliche".

Or, maybe it was just a brave or comical decision taken while on an overseas break with best of friends.

Whatever the Reason, comical or not! You have decided it MUST GO!

You want the best tattoo removal service you can find, but who do you trust with your skin? What factors should you give priority to?

This is where your NEXT decision is so important. It shall decide whether or not you receive the best possible treatment and service available, and by someone qualified in the use of Lasers. The ability to remove ink without pain or damaging your skin makes it a good choice. This is YOUR choice!

Choosing a Clinic

When you decide to go ahead and make an appointment for a tattoo removal Consultation, please inform them beforehand of any special needs etc. so arrangements, where necessary may be made on your behalf. Most are able to accept everyone on a level basis and some even wheelchair friendly too. This Consultation, allows the Clinician to fully examine your imprints and assess you as a suitable candidate to use a laser on. You may and, indeed ask as many questions as you wish regarding the procedure, preparation, risks and aftercare. It should also be advisable to ask about the qualifications (if any) of the laser operator, type and age of machine, and when it was last serviced!

Feel free to have consultations with many laser tattoo removal clinics and see for yourself. You shall soon decide which ones are superior to others!.

Proper Consultation before tattoo removal.
You require this mainly for your safety and for the reassurance of our Clician that you are a suitable candidate for our Laser Procedures. Your GP would never perform any procedure without consulting you first, and nor should anyone else. You should mention any concerns you have as you are being assessed, and also about the Clinicians experience, equipment and qualifications.

Considerations before choosing a Tattoo Removal Clinic
When you are looking for a suitable Clinic for tattoo removal, there are many factors that could inspire your final decision. Some of these are more important than others and you should judge them by how much their importance is to you personally. Should distance to travel matter more than safety? Would a qualified Clinician matter more than an experienced freelance? Would cost matter more to you than a fully registered laser operator? Is friendly staff a priority? What about Confidentiality? Or pain?

Consider ALL options and Choose Wisely!


Considering Tattoo Removal in Dublin or anywhere

"Laser Tattoo Removal" is a popular search engine entry

But sometimes it is better to go a mile further for a superior service. Perhaps even necessary for your safety!.

We at Jim Breslin Clinic Always place an emphasis on our Client Safety! Plus we are........

a) Medically trained in the safe use of skin lasers,

b) Members of the British Medical Laser Association (BMLA),

c) Using only the latest up to date lasers for your comfort,

d) Set in a quiet countryside location guaranteeing you privacy,

e) Offering prices which are continously kept Customer friendly,

f) An Award winning Clinic for friendliness and Customer Care,.

c) Offering a 10am - 10pm phone contact 7 days and a 24/7 text service.

Tattoo Removal

We are located Close to the Hodson Bay area just outside of Athlone Town. We are approx one and half hours drive from Dublin, one hour from Galway, one hour from Thurles and one and a half from Sligo. So we are within a couple of hours drive from anywhere in the 32 Counties.