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Tattoo Removal Clinic Athlone

We remove Tattoo Marks, Birthmarks, Freckles, Etc. Our Private Clinic in Kiltoom, near Athlone offers a homely atmosphere, rather than a Clinical one. We are not just dedicated, we are fully qualified, licensed, very discreet and willing to assist everyone to their satisfaction. We offer a wide choice of procedures and treatments, many of those are at a fraction of the normal cost compared to other Clinics.

Tattoo Removal Process

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Marion D

Attended for her Free Consultation and we made her comfortable, We asked firstly about her health and then about her tattoo. Said she had it for 3 Years and she required it removed for employment reasons. We firstly examined it visually then performed a scan, this allowed us to analyze the depth of the ink and also the volume. This process accurately informs us of the required minimal setting for our lasers. We were  satisfied that Marion was a healthy enough candidate to go through our laser procedure and made an appointment for her to return.
first tattoo removal session
First Session
Consent form was read and signed by Marion. The area was exposed and she adopted a comfortable position which could be held for the duration. The laser was set to the correct strength and Marion was provided with eye shades to protect them from the glare. A test beam was done on her tattoo, and she was asked if she was comfortable and satisfied at that level of strength. She was happy with it so a more frequent pulse rate was set to speed up the procedure at that strength. When the procedure was complete, we provided a Vsat patch to cover the area for an hour and speed up the process.
second tattoo removal session
Second Session
Marion returned to us exactly Six Weeks after her initial treatment. This is a very important session because, by examining the amount of erasure since last visit, it is possible to judge from that how many sessions will be needed.

Services Overview

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Our Procedures

By attending us for removal of skin marks, you are placing yourself in the safe hands of someone who is a qualified, and licenced laser operator, and a member of the British Medical Laser Association. We are an Award winning private clinic and our rural location, can offer you complete privacy and confidentiality. We use only the latest and approved equipment to ensure you remember your visit to us for all the right reasons. Our unique skin scan allows us to look deep into your skin marks and determine the volume of your mark and, the correct laser settings for your skin type and texture.

Best Solutions

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At your free initial consultation with us, any procedures which you desire may be discussed, we shall then outline your best options including those which may be treated simultaneously. A quotation will be provided to you for your convenience. Please note that some treatments can not be done along with others for health reasons.