Tattoo Removal Ireland

Laser Tattoo Removal Cost

That is the question we hear most. But we specialize in much more than just Tattoo Removal, we can remove almost any body marks. We also specialize in many Dermatological complaints too. The prices quoted below are for treatment sessions for all visitors regardless of which procedure or treatment they require. We believe this laser tattoo removal cost is among the lowest you will come across anywhere.

Laser Tattoo Removal Prices

This pricing policy sets out a stable, set and fixed list of the rates chargeable for our Clinic. This information is initially to provide you with

a guideline so that you can estimate the total cost of our services.
 We recommend that you contact us for clarity on pricing so that you are receiving the lowest rates, and that you are happy with them.


 This pricing structure was last updated May 2015.

 NOTE: These are our SPECIAL OFFER session costs and are offered to everyone, BUT, clients who fail to attend without informing us beforehand shall be charged our NORMAL COSTS. (see bottom of page)

 We provide 30 min. sessions and fit in as much as possible regardless of the size of your tattoo(s).

 All Consultations are FREE, then the day of the Week that you visit us shall determine the cost of your session.

 MONDAY or TUESDAYS 11am-7pm


 €50 for 1st session then €40 each following visit.




 €50 per session.




 €60 per session.



(Faster clearance - Less sessions!)

 Monday - Thursday €70 per session

 Friday - Saturday €80 per session

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    ALL Medical records about you that are held by us are protected by the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Medical Confidentiality Laws. These are strictly
    confidential and never disclosed, the only exception being by Lawful Proceedings which are very rarely challenged.