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This page contains those questions that are most frequently asked. If your question does not appear in the Q & A below, dont despair, we are also answering many other queries too. You can get your query answered by Telephone, Text or email. Confidentiality and discretion is always assured with us.

Our Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

Below we have included those most frequently asked questions which everyone seems to ask us.

How am i assessed?.
We ensure that you are a suitable candidate for laser treatment by a thorough assessment of your marks and yourself medically because your safety is our priority.

We take a good visual look at you on each visit you make to us, and, we may question you about your general health. If you show any symptoms of ill health we may be unable to provide you certain procedures. We may require simple medical checks on you to assure us if it is safe to proceed with your procedure.

Can anyone consult you?

Absolutely anyone can. We provide an open and honest Consultation process to everyone, it makes no difference on whether you are a client of ours or not. We listen to everyones concerns and give them what they want, an honest and straight answer.


Tattoo Removal Cream


Absolutely not! Despite its popularity, there is still no Clinical evidence to prove that tattoo removal cream ever has, would or ever could remove pigmentation marks.

Where can i see your TATTOO REMOVAL COST?

This is set out clearly on our Pricing Page. The present rates chargeable are an introductory offer price and shall increase in October for NEW Customers only.

Is a Laser Tattoo Removal Painful?

Providing proper procedures are carried out and the Clinician is properly skilled, PAIN would be an exaggeration. A tapping sensation, gentle warming or a slight harmless heating sensation may sometimes be confused as pain.

Can i request a tattoo removal BEFORE AND AFTER Pics?

Absolutely! But we will obviously need this request BEFORE we start as we do not photograph all our clients marks. There may be a small fee for this service, OR you may take them freely using your own Camera.

Do you do special Tattoo Removal Deals?

We believe we are presently the lowest cost Tattoo Removal Clinic in Ireland. You would find our prices hard to beat.

Do you do Sun Spot or Freckle Removal?

Yes we do. The exact same rates apply as per our pricing page for all procedures.

What gap is required between laser sessions?

The pigments are shattered by the laser then your body's immune system continues to naturally remove the particles for between 30 to 40 Days, that process must be allowed to continue without disruption otherwise blisters will form and possibly leave scars. So we do not allow less than a full 6 Week gap between sessions. For those in a rush, we MAY intensify their sessions but that can only be done at your own risk.

Do you treat marks in sensitive areas and what about my privacy.

We treat all areas of your skin. Your privacy is covered by our Privacy Policy, any information we hold about you is covered by the Data Protection act 1998. We Guarantee that we shall treat you with sensitivity, dignity and the utmost consideration.

I had 6/7 sessions at another Clinic but my marks appear exactly the same

That sounds like a case of the wrong laser being used on you (quite common!), or an incorrectly set machine. Our Clients see progress with every session and many are actually clear by their 5th to 7th session



Preparing yourself for an Appointment
Please read carefully the steps you need to follow on our "Clinic" page before you set out to attend for your appointment.

ALL Medical records about you that are held by us are protected by the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Medical Confidentiality Laws. These are strictly confidential and never disclosed, the only exceptions being by a Lawful Proceeding which is very rare.