Tattoo Removal Ireland

Tattoo Removal Clinic

Our private clinic located in the quiet Countryside, is equipped with the very latest and up-to-date equipment, this ensures a safe and pleasant experience to all our clients.
Our alloted appointment system times are exact, We do not keep our clients waiting (unless they are too early) - Your appointment time is the time that your procedure will be carried out.

Laser Tattoo Removal

 If you are considering having a tattoo removed from your skin by Laser surgery, you must seriously research your options before you make any final decision.

There are many different types of lasers used in attempting to remove tattoo's from the skin. We have personally used 9 of those available on the market and put them through certain tests. It should also be noted here that we physically used these on our own skin too, as well as our test subjects, to get a first hand feel of the sensation felt by any recipient. Our findings were really interesting and we believe these should be noted by everyone before you part with any money for a procedure.

Only ever allow a clinic/salon remove your tattoo if they are using either the Nd:YAG, ruby, alexandrite or pico lasers. One client came to us after attending a Salon for ELEVEN sessions @ €90 a time, but saw no visual fading. HAIR Lasers DO NOT remove Tattoo's, they are incapable of penetrating the pigments of your skin!

The Q Switched Nd YAG Laser (Q-switched (Pulsed) neodymium: yttrium aluminum garnet (Nd:YAG) laser)

This was by far the most successful laser of those that were tested by us. It created a gentle heat sensation similar to that of a splatter from a frying pan but not as bad. Its ability to remove any colour without pain makes it a first choice. (Some confuse the difference between pain and heat!). This is our Laser of choice! The picolaser was good on light coloured inks, but almost everyone complained of feeling pain and discomfort.

Making an appointment for a Consultation

When you decide to make an appointment with us for a FREE Consultation, please inform us of any ailments, disabilities, special needs etc. so arrangements may be made where necessary. We do cater for everyone on an even basis and we are wheelchair friendly too. If you think you may decide to go ahead with a session immediately following your consultation, please let us know this during your booking so ample time may be allowed, the time slot following yours may be already booked by another person and we do not keep anyone waiting beyond their appointment time. If you discover that you are unable to attend an appointment with us, please let us know as soon as you can. Failure to attend an appointment without informing us may mean that we MAY refuse you further appointments OR we may charge you rates higher than those advertised on our Pricing page.

Why we insist on a consultation before tattoo removal.
We require this for the safety of our clients and for the reassurance to our Clician that you are indeed a suitable candidate for Laser Procedures. Your consultation may be immediately followed by a treatment session if you wish, BUT, ONLY if this has been arranged beforehand.

What is a Tattoo?
When you went and got that tattoo permanently imprinted in your skin, the chances are that you never realized that sometime in the future you would want it removed. You voluntarily lay or sat down and allowed someone to inject a mixture of chemicals into your skin in a pattern form and, more than likely, without knowing (or caring) about what a tattoo really is. Tattoo ink is made by the mixture of different chemicals. Many of these are quite Toxic by nature. When these are injected in liquid form into the skin cells, the body heat assists them form a crusty pigment which is visible above the surface of the skin.

How does a Laser remove tattoo's?.
Laser light measured in nanoseconds (ns) is sent into the pigmentation crusts inside the skin. This does not interfere in any way with the outer layers of skin and does not injure any skin cells whatsoever. This process shatters the pigments into very small particles allowing your "scavenger cells" to ingest and naturally extract them through the bloodstream. This extraction is a slow process and can vary from person to person, but usually over a period of between 6 - 8 Weeks for the average adult. That is why we recommend a minimum of 6 weeks in between procedures. (Lesser times may lead to blistering of your outer skin).

How we assess you.
We are committed to ensuring that your safety is our priority.

Because of this we take a good visual look at you on each and every visit you make, and, we may ask questions about your general health. If you show any signs or symptoms of ill health we may refuse you certain procedures. We may carry out simple medical checks on you to determine if it is safe to proceed with treatments.

Self assessing your own amount of tattoo removal Sessions

You  can estimate roughly the amount of sessions required for Tattoo Removal.

Should only be used in order for you to provide yourself with a rough estimate of approximately how many sessions will be required to clear pigmentation marks from your skin.

Skin Type

The darker that your skin is the higher the number of sessions will be required to remove your marks, this includes tanned skin.


The location of the Tattoo on your body makes a difference. The further from your Heart area the mark is the slower the fading.


If your artist has deposited the ink very deep in your skin layers, this may take more sessions than normal to remove.


Colours in your tattoo makes a big difference, Black is the easiest to remove - Blue/Brown/Red/Green/Yellow then White is the Toughest.

Ink Density

The more dense that the ink in the pattern is the more sessions will be needed, some artists use far too much ink.


Think back to when you got that tattoo done, did it grew a scar over it? then it will have thickened the skin in that area.


Is your tattoo one that was layered over an existing tattoo to cover it up?

Preparing yourself for an Appointment
Proper preparation is self assuring. Do not attend for an appointment IF...

a) an appointment has not been made by you and verified by us.

b) you feel unwell and are not alert enough for treatment,

c) have broken skin within 3 inches of where treatment is required,

d) you see a rash which has formed within the previous 3 weeks,

e) wearing tight clothing in proximity (unless you plan to remove), we need a FULL 3-4 inches clearance from tattoo/mark,

f) consumed alcohol within the previous 8 hours leading up to your appointment time.

Care following Treatment

There is no special care necessary following a laser procedure, other than prevent from hot water or steam and direct Sunlight for 24 Hours. Tight clothing may create friction if it is allowed to rub on treated area. A WARM shower or Bath is ok, soaps, shower gels etc. are no danger. Fresh air is a Great healer!

Any records about you that are held by us are protected by the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Medical Confidentiality Laws. These are strictly confidential and never disclosed to anyone.