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Breast Enhancement

Breast enhancement (enlargement) is the most popular piece of cosmetic surgery in today's society, But, not everyone wants to accept the risks or pain involved within surgery. Thankfully there exists alternatives to going under the knife and they are far safer and without any pain or recovery time. Rising a cup size in as little as 6 weeks has been witnessed without any pain, downtime, drugs, surgery or the high expense involved. We offer Irelands only DIMEX program, many satisfied ladies from our exclusive, discrete and confidential service.

I want Bigger Breasts

Bosom Boost

Bosom Boost

It is every young ladies desire to gain a nice feminine figure as she matures through her younger years, but her number one desire is to  grow an ample sized bosom. Nature does not always allow this to happen and she sometimes feels let down and disappointed. So her only option is to seek a bosom boost!

Bigger Breasts

Bigger Breasts

The minute breasts you had as a child were created by your pectoral muscles, which separate your rib cage and mammory glands. A very active child would have a larger chest than another, generally caused by the build up of the pectoral muscles.
During the puberty stages, growth hormones are sent to the female chest area, sometimes these stop prematurely and suddenly end any further natural expansion of the mammory fats which give the breasts their size. The bigger breast desire kicks in immediately.

Boob Job

Boob Job

It is quite natural for women to compare themselves with envy at others who possess a more ample sized bust. Many even disregard the risks and opt for what is commonly called a "boob job". Records show that very few are 100% successful, with side effects that include back pain, bursting implants, ill health and contamination. The expense of getting them removed can equal the cost of the implantation.

Breast Augmentation

bigger bust

Bigger Bust

When attending us for Breast Enhancement without surgery, you shall be provided with a program of accompanying exercises which we recommend you carry out on a daily basis. These are simple to perform but important because we need to get the growth hormones active again within your bosom to assist the expansion of its fatty cells. There are also a few items you should add to your daily diet to help new cell growth, hopefully these new cells shall fill the gaps created when our DIMEX machine clears the lymph from in between the fatty cells. We recommend at least one session per week on the machine, and from a month after starting the program do periodic checks on your progress. Our Dimex machine is the first of its kind in Ireland and has been described as amazing and "Magic" by those who have benefited from it in weekly sessions. You may continue to attend for weekly sessions until you decide that you have gained a sufficient amount of growth to your satisfaction. We can assure you of complete privacy, confidentiality and discretion.

Natural Breast Growth

breast boost

We were the first in Ireland to own the amazing Dimex machine which seriously produces amazing results within just weeks. With its many built in functions, it is capable of re-awakening the growth hormones within the breast area and expand the fatty cells which give the bosom volume. ITS A MUST for wannabe BUXOM GIRLS!