Tattoo Removal Ireland

Tattoo Removal

All our procedures are safe, private and confidential. Clients are seen at their appointment time - No Waiting. We perform the removal of humiliating or unattractive skin marks like Tattoo, Sunspot, Birthmark, Freckle, Etc. Our Private Clinic in Kiltoom, Athlone offers a homely atmosphere, not a Clinical one. Consultations are without any obligations whatsoever.

Laser Tattoo Removal

With our latest up to date equipment and facilities, we are in a position to offer our clients the very best available treatment in a comfortable environment. Your first consultation with us is a FREE session, in which we shall examine and scan your marks, then discuss your options and the laser procedure. We allow you as much time as possible to ask as many questions as you wish. You will then have the opportunity to either book a slot for treatment or take some time to consider whether or not to proceed further. We do not, and never shall place any pressure on you whatsoever.

We carry out all our procedures without any unnecessary surgery or pain, our clients comfort is given our top priority. We accept that a settled patient is a superior subject which winds up more than simply fulfilled. Our aim is gain recognition through recommendation. Our Private Surgery in Kiltoom, near Athlone offers a homely atmosphere, rather than a Clinical one. If you find our service satisfactory - tell others, if not - tell us!

Jim Breslin B.Sc.Jim Breslin, is one of only two licensed laser operators in Ireland who is operating a private clinic. He studied for his degree through Hertfordshire University. He holds a Diploma in Medical Studies, and is also a registered member of the British Medical Laser Association (BMLA) plus, he is a registered Care Worker with the HSE.

Tattoo Removal Ireland

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Tattoo Removal Cost

We offer a FREE consultation, timeframe assessment, scan of your marks and quotation. Get rid of that unwanted, unsightly or embarrassing Tattoo. Our costs are always kept customer friendly, check out our Pricing page above.

Tattoo Removal Ireland

Your appointment time IS YOUR treatment time! NO WAITING with us! (unless you turn up too early!). Our follow up support service is second to none, which offers a direct phone contact number 10am-10pm and a 24hr Text Contact Service.

No Surgery, No remaining Scars, No Anaesthetic, No Grafts and No Recovery period.

Birthmark Removal

Tattoo Removal Ireland

We are unique because, (a) We offer a Free initial and thorough Consultation to everyone who attends us for treatment, (b) Your visit will include a free and painless scan of the imprinted skin area for analysis, (c) We use only the latest proper tattoo lasers on the market, (d) We are an independent and private clinic and not a chain, (e) Operators are medically trained/qualified/licensed and experienced, (f) Set in the privacy of the Countryside and Guaranteeing you discretion and Confidentiality, (g) Full 7 Days 10am-10pm phone and 24hr Text Support service. Tattoo removal Ireland - 32 County clientele!

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Tattoo Removal Ireland

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